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Culture WINS Curriculum

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The Culture WINS Curriculum is a growing list of short 15-minute lessons on leadership, culture, and much more.

These lessons are meant for ADs to use with a "Captain's Council" or Leadership Group in their school. They can also be used by coaches with their teams.

Each lesson includes a 3-5 minute video, a written summary of the lesson, reflective discussion questions, and next-step challenges.

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS as new lessons continue to be added.

Purchase now before the cost increases as new lessons are added.

Each lesson is in one of the following themes:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Character
  3. Building a Winning Culture
  4. Commitment and Work Ethic
  5. Mental Toughness and Resilience
  6. Communication and Connection
  7. Motivation

Nine lessons are complete, and 40+ lessons are on the docket to be completed soon. The lesson topics are below.

  1. Leadership Development
    • Little Eys (Complete)
    • Thermostat vs. Thermometer
    • Vibe attracts your tribe
    • Water the Grass
    • A True North
    • Sweep the Sheds
    • Velcro or Teflon
    • Withitness
    • Burn the Boats
    • Sherpa Mindset
    • Oars vs. Rudders
  2.  Character
    • The Energy Bus (Complete)
    • Cool Doesn’t Win
    • Giannis - Humble
    • Mirror Test
    • Listen with your Eyes
    • Who is in your Huddle
    • Losers Limp
    • Calm is Contagious
    • Comparison is the thief of Joy
  3. Building a Winning Culture
    • Mudita (Complete)
    • Be Great at what you are good at
    • Ego vs. The Team
    • Who Packed Your Parachute
    • Take your Vitamins
    • Be a Gateleeper
    • Culture Magnet or Repellent
    • Pyramid of Success
    • Culture is a living organism
  4. Commitment & Work Ethic
    • No Deposit - No Return (Complete)
    • Mamba Mentality
    • 1% better
    • Death by Procrastination
    • Bamboo Tree
    • The process is the Prize
    • Focus on the Root, not the Fruit
    • Habits Win
    • Sharpen the Axe
    • Half-Hearted Mountain Climber
  5. Mental Toughness & Resilience
    • Coffee Bean (Complete)
    • Nekton Mentality (Complete)
    • The Secret
    • Next play
    • Failure is Growth
    • Handle Hard Better
    • Shake it off and Step Up
    • The power of yet
    • Don’t Quit
    • Be a Goldfish
    • Stomp the Ants
  6. Communication & Connection
    • Life is an Echo (Complete)
    • Steve Nash
    • NITE
    • Be a Spark Plug
    • A Name is a Spotlight
    • Echo Theory
    • Fountain or Drain
  7. Motivation
    • My Ford vs. Your Cadillac (Complete)
    • The Chip (Complete)
    • Feed the Positive Dog
    • Leave your Legacy
    • Two Wolves
    • The Man in the Arena
    • Iron Sharpens Iron
    • No Deposit - No Return
    • Burn the Boats
    • Nekton Mentality
    • The Energy Bus

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Culture WINS Curriculum

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