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Culture WINS 2: 50 MORE Ways to Build a Winning Culture (eBook)

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I wrote my first book, Culture WINS: 50 Ways to Build a Winning Culture, for myself and others to provide a practical list of ways that coaches can work to build their team culture each and every day. This book was a compilation of the many small “culture” discussions I have had with my teams over a lifetime of coaching. 

I have been overwhelmed by the success of this book!  

For this reason, I have created volume two with “Culture WINS 2: 50 MORE Ways to Build a Winning Culture.” I hope this book continues to provide coaches with even more practical ideas to build a winning culture for their team and program. 

This 39-page eBook (pdf) is loaded with 50 more practical and useful ideas that coaches can use NOW to help build a Winning Culture and Winning Mindset in their program. Some of these ideas include:

  • Sharpen the Axe
  • Losers Limp
  • 95-5 Rule
  • The Power of Yet
  • Sweep the Sheds
  • Play your ACE
  • Agile or Fragile?
  • Sherpa Mindset
  • Burn the Boats
  • And much, much more.

This eBook is practical, purposeful, and written by a Coach and for a Coach. It is based on decades of coaching experience with very successful teams. I am very confident that you will pick up MANY strategies and ideas that you will be able to bring to your team and program!

What are others saying?

“Welp, I have my season themes picked out for my next 50 years of coaching! I love how Coach Berge breaks down the culture lessons into very bite-sized, related stories that are easy to implement with any sports team.” - Matt Hackenberg

“Culture Wins contains a lot of great ideas to use with a team.  There are some I wish I knew about before this year - would probably have improved our team chemistry and connection.”  - Brad Oringer

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Culture WINS 2. Loaded with 50 MORE ideas to build a winning culture on your team.

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Culture WINS 2: 50 MORE Ways to Build a Winning Culture (eBook)

0 ratings
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