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Team Leader OS: ATHLETE

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PARENTS: Empower your son or daughter to be LEADERS on their team.

Skills and ability set the floor. Leadership development determines your child's ceiling.

Give the gift of Leadership.

What is Included?

Over 90+ minutes of video course materials and over 100+ pages of Leadership Resources for Team Leaders.

  • 20 Lesson Video Course (90 minutes) to develop leadership skills in athletes. Each video is 4-5 minutes long. Watch in short chunks.
  • Team Leader Training Manual to supplement the 20 video lessons.
  • Team Leader Training Manual Workbook for athletes.
  • Personal Leadership Development Plan for Athletes.
  • Many additional leadership resources for athletes, including:
    • Team Leader Checklist
    • Leadership Scenarios for Team Leaders
    • Team Leader Rubrics
    • Accountability Statements for Team Leaders
    • My newest book Great Teams - Better Leaders ($19.95 value), is included for free.
    • And much more!

What are Others Saying?

"After spending several hours watching 'The Team Leader OS: The Ultimate Leadership Guide,' I have learned more than I did my previous 37 years as a head coach when it comes to leadership. It had a huge impact on how I reflect on questions about leadership. This course contains so many great strategies to help you develop leaders and give them the tools to become successful. I highly recommend this course to EVERY coach, no matter what level you coach, because it will help you develop leaders!!!" - Dave Cresap (HOF Basketball Coach in MN)

"As a first-year varsity coach, Greg's resources have been extremely helpful. Using these train-the-trainer modules will be imperative for the growth of our players, families, and coaches in future years! It is user-friendly because courses do not need to be done in a certain amount of time or in any order. I also appreciate the discussion posts and plan to borrow ideas from other coaches to better our program. As the number of resources begins to grow, this will be a one-stop shop for coaches and leaders of any level!" - Drew Waldbillig (Varsity Basketball Coach at HLW HS)

“This type of systematized approach to implementing leadership training throughout an entire school system of athletic coaches is every athletic director’s dream! Well done coach!” - Matt Hackenberg (Basketball Coach and Resources Legend; @CoachHackGO)

“The Great Teams Better Leaders course came at a perfect time for me. The relevant information and practical tools provided were immediately applicable. It's like a powerful SEL resource for coaches and an extremely valuable resource to come back to throughout the season. Highly recommend!” - Tom Horner (2019 MN Physical Education Teacher of the Year)

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Empower your son or daughter with the gift of Leadership. This 20-lesson leadership development program will teach the natural progression of leadership development for your son or daughter.

Team Leader OS Video Course
Learn the skills, process, and resources included to develop into a leader.
Team Leader Training Manual
20 Leadership Lessons for Athletes (w/video, player workbook, and development plan).
Additional Leadership Resources
Many Additional Leadership Resources for Athletes.
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Team Leader OS: ATHLETE

0 ratings
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