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(AMAZON SOFTCOVER: $12.95) Culture WINS: 50 Ways to Build a Winning Culture

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(AMAZON SOFTCOVER: $12.95) Culture WINS: 50 Ways to Build a Winning Culture

Greg Berge
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Why do some teams WIN year after year?

There are many reasons, but creating a Winning Mindset and a Winning Culture are two big ones.

This 42-page eBook (pdf) is loaded with 50 practical and useful ideas that coaches can use NOW to help build a Winning Culture and Winning Mindset in their program. Some of these ideas include:

  • Create MUDITA
  • No Deposit - No Return
  • 80-8 Rule
  • Be an MVT (Most Valuable Teammate)
  • Life is an Echo
  • Listen with your Eyes
  • Do Simple Better
  • NITE Communication
  • Cool Doesn't WIN
  • The Secret
  • 1% Better
  • And much, much more.

This eBook is practical, purposeful, and written by a Coach and for a Coach. It is based on decades of coaching experience with very successful teams. I am very confident that you will pick up MANY strategies and ideas that you will be able to bring to your team and program!

Want a Paperback version? Check it out on Amazon -> Softcover Version of Culture WINS on Amazon.

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About the Author:

I have been a teacher, coach, and school administrator for the last 27 years. I currently serve as the High School Principal and Varsity Boys Basketball Coach in Lake City, MN. I am also a Licensed Sports Leadership Facilitator through the Janssen Sports Leadership Center and owner of GB1 Leadership LLC.

In my 16 years as a Varsity Basketball Coach, our basketball teams have been fortunate to win ten conference championships (eight consecutive) and two section championships.  As an assistant varsity coach, I helped coach teams who won multiple section championships in both football and girls golf. I have also been fortunate to coach many players who went on to play college basketball encompassing all levels (NCAA Division I, Division II, NAIA Division II, and Division III).

I write daily about Teams, Culture, Leadership, and Success on Twitter at @gb1121.

I also write a weekly, Saturday AM newsletter called: Great Teams - Better Leaders 123.

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Published in July 2022
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