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(AMAZON SOFTCOVER: $12.95) Coaching GOLD: Winning Insight and Winning Wisdom for Coaches

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(AMAZON SOFTCOVER: $12.95) Coaching GOLD: Winning Insight and Winning Wisdom for Coaches

Greg Berge
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Coaching is a dynamic, challenging, and very rewarding profession.  The complexities of bringing a group of individuals together to sacrifice for each other and pursue a common goal can be daunting. There are so many questions and challenges that arise as a coach. Failure to properly address and answer these questions the right way can ruin a season or cause many other issues for coaches.

I have been writing online for many months working to help coaches grow and develop. My ultimate goal is to help coaches build Great Teams and Better Leaders. I have written this book to help give insight to coaches and hopefully provide ideas to some of the many challenging questions that arise. 

Questions like the following:

  • How do you build a winning program?
  • Why do some teams struggle year after year?
  • Why do some teams WIN year after year?
  • How do I develop leaders on my team?
  • How do I increase my athlete's confidence?
  • How can parents come to grips with playing time?
  • What insight would veteran coaches give those new to coaching?
  • How do you build culture?
  • What do winning teams do?

In addition to providing insight into these questions, I have also included 30 excellent coaching thoughts from some of the Great Coaches and Leaders of all time. 

Altogether, I hope this book provides a practical and useful resource for coaches. One that will help them improve their team, grow as a coach, and ultimately build Great Teams and Better Leaders!

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November 2022
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